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Handcrafted Guardian Angel Gift Bag

With Souvenier Guardian Angel Pendant


A Book For All Who Wish To Feel Close To Their Guardian Angel

Your Day Book - Believe


A uniquely personal companion-style book and special  gift. To remind you each day of the guiding presence,  support  and  caring influence  of  your Guardian Angel.

Thought-promoting  words  of influence, inspiration and encouragement for everyone seeking a  personal source of comforting daily guidance and support in today’s challenging and demanding world.

Each  page  has  space  for  adding   your   own   personal   notes  and reflections,  to  inspire, encourage  and  develop  your  own  positive thought, self-confidence  and  self-belief  throughout  life.


Printed On Recycled Paper ~ Packaged In A Biodegradable Protective Cello Bag


              My Guardian Angel And Me

 Together We Go  ….  Together We Grow  ….  Together We Know!